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Just Another Day

March 13, 2022 More things happening… the primer and ceiling paint have been delivered. The masking commences, including WAY up the crazy staging to the top beam. Soon, we’ll have white walls and ceilings everywhere!

Down in the main garage, Jim the electrician spent a day undoing quite a bit of electrical work that falls under the category of “why, just why?”, including several long lengths of 100 amp service cable that literally went nowhere. He also removed 3 or 4 disconnect boxes used for the heavy machinery that used to be in the garage when the former owner was manufacturing aluminum scooters (and more). There are 5 sub panels in the garages and house, believe it or not. When Jim pulled wire out of the garage walls in the course of his work, he discovered that the mice had been at also been at work… nibbling away at the wiring! We are putting what this means for the big picture out of our thoughts for a little while, lest we lose our minds over just One More Thing!

Let’s talk about bathroom vanity countertops for a pleasant change. We needed to choose the top for the downstairs bathroom single sink 42″ vanity. The cabinet will be navy stained oak, but we don’t have it yet, so we are simulating the look with a sample of a painted navy door and a grey stained oak door. White or light colored granite is not common, but we wanted granite and a light color that would go with the blue, so here are a few choices. There are two smaller samples with navy-gray veining called White Attica and the larger speckled sample is called Siberia. Bob and I both disliked the spotted look – it reminded me of an Appaloosa horse, for some reason! We wondered how much veining there would be in a large piece of the White Attica, but we would get to see it in person eventually before we would have to commit.

We also looked at samples for the primary bathroom, where we know that we want a natural wood look for the cabinetry. We like the simple shaker look, so these sample vanity doors are just for the wood grain, not the cabinet style. The hickory on the left has distinctive grain but the coloring is very dramatic, really too bold for us. Now, interestingly, the other two are the same sample door of natural alder but in different lighting. The actual color is somewhere in-between, and we really liked both the grain and color… this could be a winner! ūüôā

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