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Black Sheep Tower House

Spring Break

March 20, 2022 Taking a short break from the house, and New Hampshire too… (But, when we get back there will be lots of activity and decisions to be made.) Springtime in Maryland comes about 3 weeks earlier than in NH. Our house in Maryland already has daffodils blooming, and tulips emerging, while Sheep Road is still hibernating! You might notice some basic similarities between both of our houses… both gray contemporaries, in the woods, with lots of garage space (but no tower). 🙂

We traveled to Coppell, Texas (near Dallas) to see the Texas Gutjahrs – Josh, Parker and Scarlett. We hadn’t seen Scarlett since December, and this visit was to attend Scarlett Rose’s Christening, and the party afterwards!

Josh and Scarlett enjoy lemonade, while sister Hannah tempts Scarlett with the hard stuff… about 17 years too early, Hannah!

While there we were lucky enough to attend an IndyCar race at Texas Motor Speedway! Parker and Scarlett stayed home, good thing because it was LOUD.

Following the Texas trip, Bob and I drove to Kalahari Resort in the Poconos of Pennsylvania to prep my Gimmick Rally for the Porsche Parade (convention) in the summer. One of the last remaining independently owned bridges in the country crosses the Delaware River between New Jersey and Delaware. It’s a narrow wooden deck “clickety clack” bridge that is used heavily by commuters and locals, and attendants stand out there 24/7 collecting $1 each way to cross. Definitely don’t see this every day!!

Bob is known for loving his milkshakes. No picture of this year’s Shamrock Shake tradition, but he’s making up for it with this monstrosity. And lastly, Bob has always been good at predicting which Porsche models will become collectible and go up in value over time, so much so that he was recently dubbed “Zoltar” for his prescience – and when I saw this classic at the resort, I couldn’t resist setting up the shot! 🙂

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