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March 14, 2022 We never get tired of this view, day or night. The moon rising over the tower, the St. Paddy’s Day Shamrock glowing green, the American flag, and yes, the Christmas “tree” is still lit. Why not? ūüôā

Check out the primer, wow, the inside of the house is WHITE. What a stunning change. So much space… it’s really BIG.

Back to the doors, Scott had given us a catalogue of specialty doors and we loved the look of the natural wood panel doors with mixed species. We were really attracted to lighter wood door with dark panels, and the door in the center photo was our favorite by far. Fir and mahogany just look SO good together.

We suspected that we would have painted millwork around the doors and windows, because we already had windows with white sashes, even though Bob in particular preferred natural wood windows. Our inspo photo has stained wood casing and trim, so I scanned for photos of wooden doors with painted trim to check out that look. (Bob and I were still mulling over the natural wood vs painted trim idea, even though it was becoming abundantly clear that it wasn’t going to fly…) Not great photos, but painted could work out well.

Bob and I were thinking we would place our (expensive) specialty wood doors in 4 places in the house – the 2 doors in the “media room”, the door to our bedroom and the door to the guest room. These specific doors can be seen from many locations in the house, the bedroom doors coordinated with the fir GlueLam beams, and the media room doors would fit with the mahogany theme we were developing, and they would tie together visually. Rogue Doors has an online tool where you can upload a photo of your doorway and insert different door styles to preview the look. It was a bit tricky to manage, and in the end not super helpful because I couldn’t pick the doors I wanted, and our house is just so white now, there in no context in which to visualize a real room and a real door. But fun!

We had lots of other doors to choose as well, and decisions to make about 3 panel vs 2 panel doors and what color hinges to select (black on the wood doors, brushed nickel everywhere else) but there was no question we’d be spending the extra money (not that much) for ball bearing hinges. What a difference they make! So silent and smooth… perfection.

Scott and I were going over and over our door list to be sure it was correct – right or left hand, in or out, the dimensions of each opening, the door style, etc., then I would double check our choices with Bob. Here are our lists in process: (I was taking photos of them to keep track of the changes!)

All work and no play is no fun. A visit with friends to see the orchids at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Boylston, MA was a perfect way to put some color in my life, and spring in my step! It was spectacular and so inspirational. Spring IS coming!

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