Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

A Tower House

A bird’s eye view of the “tower house” as seen in winter 2020, and used in the real estate listing.

Spring 2020 – We had a lot of spare time at home due to Covid, and spent some of it on the internet looking for our “retirement home”. We had a shopping list of things we thought were important to look for… we wanted privacy, a nice piece of land, a big ass garage for our cars, a unique style of architecture (not cookie cutter), a location near cultural opportunities, maybe close to the ocean… we had a big list for our dream house for sure! Then we saw this house for sale in Lee, NH, and thought wow, a huge garage AND a tower! Who buys a house with a tower? Who builds a house with a 6 story tower? We had to find out more….

This is the story of how we fell down the rabbit hole… the story begins in May 2020, although this account begins much later – for the story as told from the beginning, read by the date, from the bottom up!