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Black Sheep Tower House

Hanging Drywall

February 11, 2022 This post is for all the house construction geeks who want to see it happening, room by room. No fluffy photos of Scarlett, or winter vistas and animal tracks. It’s all about the house today. 🙂 You can see the scope of the work in the featured photo, and wow, just wow.

The entryway, from different viewpoints. As you come in the front door, straight ahead is the half wall over the stairs, and the window into the bathroom. Turn to the right and walk through the short hallway into the kitchen/main room. It now looks like a real hallway, with the closet on the left.

The stairwell to the lowest level is altogether about 18′ tall – and a challenge to stage and hang. But look at it come together!

The kitchen gets some attention. The lonely post in the middle is just a support for the floor above which has been supporting staging for the upper levels. It will be removed later! Wow, with walls, the aluminum really starts to shine as an architectural feature. (It is actually not very shiny after all these years, but we can fix that.)

Moving up the stairs to the “second floor” we can finally see what the wall from the office/library looks like with the open transom windows (kind of like eyes actually). We like it, but it sure is different when you change from seeing through the walls to actually having them! We remain sort of stunned at how quickly and dramatically the interior landscape is changing….

Here we go, across the bridge, to our bedroom. Look! There are walls inside and just look at the afternoon light. 🙂 We do love our windows.

Leaving you with a before and after shot… 🙂

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