Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House


January 7, 2022 Lots of holes being drilled in this house, it is starting to look like swiss cheese! Can that really be good from a structural standpoint? But I guess it’s done all the time and once the drywall is up, the homeowner is none the wiser (unless it is me with my phone camera, haha). To be fair, Jim the plumber is doing great stuff, pressure testing the old plumbing from years ago along with the new. He is braver than me… mucking about with drain pipes from our bathroom while suspended over an 18′ stairwell! Brian the electrician has already been there and done that putting in the J box for our cool light fixture (the apothecary jar pendants from the last post).

Jim the electrician (a lot of J names working on this house…. Jim, the other Jim, Jason, Jesse and more to come) is installing boxes and switches, and a nice railing has appeared in the tower so we don’t kill ourselves falling down just one of the other steep stairwells. Meanwhile, in the basement, pipes have gone in for the bathroom, and magic is about to happen….

Remember the hot mess of that awful, nasty basement floor with the leaking sewer pipes? It is shortly to become just a memory!

The pipes are in, and Jason and Todd demonstrate their skills with concrete…. finishing the floor and prepping for the shower stall and related plumbing to come. Is there nothing they can’t do?? (Stay tuned for more to come!)

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