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A Sad Farewell

December 31, 2021 Our dear, sweet Sydney crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, and it was heartbreaking. This is quite hard to write, and even after all these months I have struggled to look through the 15 years of photos that represent her time with us as a family. What a full and fabulous dog’s life she had! Josh and I visited several shelters looking for just the right dog in 2008, and Sydney was not just a pretty face but a loyal companion for a teenage kid – devoted, enthusiastic, willing and athletic, always happy… really just the best chocolate lab ever. When Josh went off to college he asked us to take her, for we had the woods and fields for her to run, and run and run…. and chase deer and catch woodchucks to her heart’s content. She was a loyal companion to us also… running and walking mile after mile with Bob, patiently waiting for us to come home from work, following us from room to room, and her favorite thing (besides food) – basking in front of wood stove until her fur was hot, hot, hot. She loved it! As the years went by, her brown turned to gray, and she slowed down, but she was always game. Over the last few years she developed an untreatable degenerative spinal condition, and when moving about became an increasingly painful struggle we knew it was time for her to rest. She lived a very long, full and happy dog life (both in Maryland and NH), and we were privileged to share it with her. She was a great dog.

She loved her peanut butter…. actually she loved ALL food. Except lettuce. Bleh!

She was a friend to everyone she met, and she will be missed. Rest peacefully, Syd.

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  1. Randall Richter

    So sorry for your loss!

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