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December 25, 2021 4 adults, a dog and a baby in the apartment for 9 days…. yup, fun times! 🙂 Seriously! Josh, Parker and Scarlett arrived from Dallas for a wintery holiday visit. We ate extremely well, got to see friends and family, Parker got to run twice with a local running club in Portsmouth, we visited Nubble Light House in Maine and saw lots of holiday festivity, Scarlett made friends with Sydney and learned to crawl (!), we all survived the furnace going out on Christmas day (no hot water and only electric space heaters), and we watched strange shows that kids like on our new 65″ TV! (Bob was certainly surprised when Josh and I arrived with it – we haven’t had a TV in over a year and never one that big!) Here are some photos, and if you like cute kid pics you are in luck. 🙂 Bob certainly was in heaven, no one loves babies more. No house renovation content (unless you count the furnace fiasco!). 🙂

Christmas Eve was lobster dinner… Parker hadn’t cracked open an actual lobster before, it was a hoot. Christmas Day was “Roast Beast” – we had electricity for cooking, even if we were eating wearing extra layers of clothes! Lots of fun presents and Christmas cheer. 🙂

Out and about in Portsmouth, NH and along the coasts of NH and Maine…..

Scarlett meets Sydney – Scarlett is very interested in dogs… Syd is somewhat skeptical of uncoordinated babies who are just learning to “communicate” 🙂

It was a wonderful visit and over too soon. It was hard to pick just a few photos to tell the story, and you know how many photos I take, haha!

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