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They Make it Happen

December 19, 2021 Holiday Edition – some of our favorite guys: Scott Leighton, custom builder, and the brothers Jason and Todd Downer – the 3 of them work seamlessly as a team and can pretty much do anything, it seems. See the giant Y-beam? The 3 of them, plus Dave Downer, their father and Scott’s former shop teacher, raised it themselves and built this house, back in 2004 after the fire. Now, they are back to finish the job. We couldn’t be more thrilled, and do they have stories to tell!

Brian Jobin, electrician – he is all over the house, up and down, and has a great sense of humor (and of what’s possible). He is not afraid of heights, thankfully, or to make suggestions (which are welcomed), and has a high standard of quality and attention to detail that is above and beyond. He and his assistant Jim do exceptional work, and we joke that his electrical panel is so fine that it should be framed in glass. LOL, but actually it is pretty damn fine! Here he is wiring the very top ceiling for the fans we’re ordering… Big Ass Fans, yes that is an actual company.

Jim Berry is our plumber, (no photo, but will get one soon) dealing with the two already installed vintage 2005 Geberit in-wall toilet tank systems (we still have to buy the wall hung toilets that go with them). He is a miracle worker in the basement…. laying pipes that not only look good, but are new and properly functioning. What a difference a year makes. We will never again take flushing a toilet for granted… !

Moon over the tower in winter, and Jason, Todd and Scott, pondering the universe… Love it when I catch those random, unexpected moments. Also love those windows. Who knew we were on trend? Interior windows are apparently now “a thing”… ūüôā

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