Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Short December Days, But Lots Happening…

December 13, 2021 Fun stuff first! The Christmas tree is looking awesome, so glad Michelle encouraged me to bid on it (for a children’s charity) and so kindly brought it to the apartment for us! What does 9:30 am “break” look like for 3 hard working guys who literally do everything and do it so well? (11 for us… look Ellen, we saved one for you!) Sydney on one of her morning walks – she wants to keep walking, but she only has just so much energy to make it back home… Syd, our favorite chocolate lab, is definitely slowing down. (Love you girl!)

The basement bathroom that was once the pits of hell is going to live again! Jason, Todd and I are blocking out the possibilities, knowing that we have to make the plumbing work (and work flawlessly). The current pipes mean nothing, they have to go…. (they are left over from the original house that burned.) The vanity on the right, the toilet represented by the blue seat 🙂 and the shower to the left…. it could work!

Walls going up…. the bathroom is framed out, and now the “utility room” where the HVAC will live (and a little linen closet carved out just for me!) And a storage room too. Other things are also getting moved about – a lot of junk, but a great workbench for organizing tools and random “stuff”. (OMG, there is SO much stuff!)

The Army Navy Game! A tradition for Bob and me, and here we are…. NOT THERE this year (missing our tailgate friends), and instead watching on our respective laptops 500 miles apart, communicating by text and email, and wishing we were together watching… live at the game, or at least in the same room watching on TV (oh wait, we don’t even have a TV!). Life on the run is sometimes no fun….But, we can’t complain, we are very fortunate!

Our pumpkins from the stone wall! We put them out in the field thinking that we might be sowing seeds for next year, but it turns out the deer have other ideas. Syd is intrigued with the smells, and I’m the same, but with how persistent they are getting into those pumpkins. Definitely no seeds left, and pretty soon, no pumpkins at all!

The flag. It had been wrapped around the pole and stuck on top of the air terminal (lightning rod) for some time…. Todd and Jason not only fixed it, but set up the best ever lighted Christmas tree on top of the tower! Jason said, “I had a little free time this weekend and welded it up for you.” 🙂 Aww, thanks!!

Meanwhile, we needed to start thinking about the gas fireplace installation. Our original vision, when we walked into the house for the first time was “stone, wood and aluminum”, with the views of the woods through those huge windows. So what kind of stone was available for the facing of the fireplace wall? Learning about Ledge stone, Ashlar, Squares and Recs, and the varieties of natural stone veneers, there is a lot to learn and choose from!

There was a wall here, and there will be again, this time with a proper header above the door. Which btw, will need to be a fire door, since this wall is between the main house and garages on the lowest level. For the moment, we are just putting back the existing door since no one is actually living in the house, obviously. 🙂

I have been obsessed with trying to get a picture that shows how cool the 2 Christmas trees look – the one in the tower window, and Jason’s tree on the very top, but it is super hard to do. The photo on the left is from down the road – you can see the lights almost from Route 4, it is awesome in real life, especially with that almost-full moon! 🙂 Isn’t it great?

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