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Black Sheep Tower House

Top to Bottom

December 9, 2021 Look at the changes in the ceiling, which in case anyone is counting, measures 26 x 30 feet! Meanwhile, the hot mess that is the basement: full of chaotic left over junk, ugliness and septic woes is about to feel some love… the make-over is beginning!

The basement has been the repository of all the stuff we didn’t know if we should keep, had any value, might be useful, or just didn’t know what to do with. The guys came in one day like gangbusters and within hours all that stuff was in the dump trailer or the garage, to be sorted another day. Then they started cleaning up, and boy was it a mess…. but transformed by noon!

Prepping for and installing insulation, and building walls….

Remember the gorgeous mahogany doors from the Boston bank that are hanging in the apartment? There were two more in the basement, which the guys brought out to the only place in the house that, in the end, is tall enough to accept them, the doorway to the office/reading room in the middle garage. They were covered in cobwebs and mold – yet one more cleaning job!

As I worked, I was noticed that one was somewhat shabbier and was not cleaning up as well – it was almost as though the finish on the wood was different, and there was a small amount of de-lamination…. and when I had them both cleaned, I realized something that none of us had noticed. They did not match. What? I took a tape measure and one door was 2″ narrower than the other, and the panel sizes are not the same. I couldn’t believe it! The doors definitely did not come from the same doorway, although they no doubt did come from the same building! (And we were thinking of using them in the house, blindly assuming that they were another matched set!) Well, what to do…. maybe we could still use them (some people might not even notice they don’t match) and they could be the house curiosity piece (like there isn’t enough odd about this house already, ha!!) ūüôā

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