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Spray Foam

November 19, 2021 It is finally happening! The spray foam guys spent almost 2 days prepping the house, covering and taping all the windows (there are a lot) and all the beams and aluminum (also a lot). Then they got down to business – hazmat suits and respirators and all that….

But before that happened, we had a mini heart attack during a nasty rain storm. Heavens Above! Will it ever end with the leaking?? There is just one area that is a problem now, above and under one of the tower room windows on the eastern corner. When there is a break in the weather, Scott and the guys are going to get out there and do their best before winter…. obviously we need a permanent solution, but until then we have to get through the winter, the spray foam, the drywall and all that.

Yes, it is also still seeping in the lower level windows and you can see the run-off along the road, it was quite a storm, with an eerie pink sky!

Plastic everywhere…. it is all about the prep.

The eastern gable wall was sprayed with closed cell foam, which cures very hard and enhances structural strength, but it very difficult to cut and work with if there are any mistakes or omissions. They did that first. Once they started, I was told by Scott and the spray foam guys that I was NOT allowed anywhere close by during the process. You know of course, I had to pop in late in the day for a few pics, holding my breath! I can’t afford to lose any more brain cells, lol.

Working on the basement “pony walls” above the old foundation. Once the foam cures, it will be “shaved” to be flush with the walls.

Seriously, a messy proposition! The barrels of foam solution are in the back of the truck – when sprayed with compressed air as a liquid, it turns to foam (as a solid) when it contacts an object, like a wall or anything for that matter. Just two guys did our whole interior in 6 days, they worked amazingly hard – prepping, spraying, scraping, bagging the excess, and cleaning up. And even though they wore protective clothing and masks, you have to wonder how much of that toxic stuff they breathe on a daily basis!!

It’s done. Whoa. The staging was insane, I am not completely sure if they didn’t hang from the Y-beam to spray foam the sloped ceiling…. how DID they do it? And, yeah, the stairs to “wherever” did move around, along with the staging! All I can say is that the end result is extremely impressive.

AND, they cleaned up. The house was really “scraps-of-foam-free” at the end, of course there was dust everywhere, but it was well done. Thanks guys!

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