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November 12, 2021 Lots of random things happening, but possibly the theme here could be “lighting”, both in and on the house. So, let’s just allow the narration to flow and see what turns up…. But first, I just love this photo of the ceiling with the light angled like that. I took it because I realized that in a few short days, it will never look like that again. I am a bit fond of that huge repetition of pattern, after all this time living with it…

I can’t decide if it is better to put the photos first with the text under them, or the text first, then photos? What say you? Let me know! These photos show off my mad window washing skills – the guest bedroom never got washed last fall, and it was pretty gunky with unmentionable mouse sebum (I dare you to look that up – it is so gross, yuk). But, the weather was nice and I felt inspired!

Pretty soon we have to decide on kitchen cabinets, and to measure our absurdly oddly dimensioned kitchen, they will want to know what appliances we are picking out. My first foray into an appliance store caused a near heart attack. Who knew that Wolff brand appliances are like $10,000 EACH? Possibly I can be happy with another choice?? Our kitchen cabinet guy Andrew told us that in his experience, the prices people pay for kitchens and appliances is inversely proportional to the amount of time that they actually cook meals in their kitchens!

My desire is to have a 36″ range with an induction cooktop and convection range – I have never cooked with gas and don’t feel compelled to start now, plus I am intrigued with the induction technology. However, it appears that any induction range larger than the standard 30″ is extremely pricey and not readily available. (My original idea was to have a double oven and separate cooktop, but there isn’t enough wall space for that…) So, the GE Cafe series has a double oven range with induction top, and unfortunately it is only 30″….. but it is sharp looking and has a huge capacity… maybe compromise has to happen – but I was thinking that this kitchen could use a range on a larger scale. I do love the matching refrigerator! (But not that other hideous stainless curved monster!) Now, do we like the Cafe series in the matte black stainless, or the silver stainless? Remember that our kitchen ceiling is all aluminum…. thoughts?

Meanwhile, the guys are setting the staging for the spray foaming, and subsequent drywalling, etc. etc. Looks scary amazing, and there is more to come! (Yes we are still struggling with the fireplace choice…)

What do these photos have in common? Nothing obvious, but we’ll go with re-use and recycle, with a dose of “are you kidding?”. The cabinets from the Swap Shop cleaned up nicely, didn’t they? And the kayaks too. But the insulation? That’s the very same stuff you saw being installed a mere year ago…. We are switching to spray foam in the basement, with insulated walls, and all that. Oh well (more like, oh crap, it’s just money!)

Cindy, our lighting designer, is working hard to get us up to speed. The lighting plan includes exterior lights, and there are so many to choose from! It turns out that Bob and I have expensive tastes – who knew that Hubbington Forge lighting could be so pricey! We will have 2 lights at the front door, 2 on the deck, and 3 in the back – all different sizes. So much to consider…. color, material, glass style, size, light orientation, night sky compliant, etc. etc., and spotlights and outlets too! Hours later, Bob and I are not close to agreement, but we’ll keep trying. We did decide at least that we liked one choice for the interior!

Brian Jobin, our electrician, is all over the place, inside and out, and has been super helpful with advice on placement – this is the first time we’ve ever had to think about this stuff, and his experience is invaluable!

Inspo photos…. love that under-the-stairs reading nook – we want to do something like that under the tower room stairs (but bigger & better). We like the simple vertical thin dark railings on that staircase, and the hanging lights (although stylistically it is a bit not our thing). I just like that majolica tile wall above the range, with space on either side of the range hood…. And there is something about this green and wood kitchen with black accents and big island that really appeals to me! I keep coming back to this green kitchen, although I know I can’t really have this in our house. ūüôĀ And the last photo? Most of it is completely not my taste, I think I only saved it because of the black articulated lamps over the windows! It is alarming how far down the rabbit hole one can go with interior design! Ack! (And there is so much farther to go!)

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