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Back of the House

November 5, 2021 More leaks to fix… the back of the house has a water problem too… the Anderson windows are somehow leaking, and now is the time to find out. Because spray foam is coming…. the new and latest date is 11/15 and everything needs to be buttoned up by then, including all the leaks and everything that must be included within the exterior walls (like the wiring). The guys have stripped off a row of siding above the windows, and found several areas where it seems the water is somehow entering the factory sealed mull between the windows. And, remember finding the dang spotted salamander in the basement wall?? The join with the concrete wall needs sealing too! Will it ever end? (Yes, it will!)

The electrical must be sorted too, and looking at this panel, I sure hope they know what’s what! Actually, they have been super careful about labeling, so I am feeling more confident than this photo might suggest. 🙂 For a different type of energy, I found and purchased a few “used” Lyman Whitaker wind sculptures, which I temporarily installed to see how the locations would work out, both for the wind and the appearance. I still love the double spinner, but these are also really beautiful in motion.

We can’t forget our favorite granddaughter Scarlett – she is so photogenic. And her mother Parker too! They plan to visit at Christmas and we can’t wait. 🙂

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