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The Fix, Part II

November 4, 2021 Another day, another challenge. 🙂 Yesterday, in the late afternoon when the electricians were packing up and I was in and out, the front door was caught by the wind and slammed shut. So hard that the right hand side hyper extended and got wedged on the OUTside. These double doors have been an issue before and this time, there was no amount of jimmying, prying or praying that was going to get them unstuck. Sigh. When Scott and Todd arrived this morning, they took the door off the hinges, and had to disassemble the ruined lockset – luckily I found another handle in the garage, it didn’t have a key, but it fit well enough to work for now. Todd fixed the left hand door into position semi-permanently so only one door opens, and we were back in business. Bob and I like the look of the aluminum doors and want to keep them, but they have never fit quite right and we’ll have to sort it out someday, but today is not the day. Meanwhile and in-between, the deck floor was being framed out! With a distinct pitch for water run-off… we have a plan.

The floor is going up the stairs and in, and did I mention we have a sturdy safe railing around the stairwell, finally? Thanks, guys!

Flooring, caulking, trim. Check.

The rubber sheathing will be cut to fit and glued down to the AdvanTech floor, and also up the exterior wall and through the door opening, to create a complete one piece water barrier with no holes through it whatsoever. (The actual deck that we will walk on will be suspended above this rubber seal, allowing rain, snow and ice to go thru to this fully sealed under-decking and run off, due to the built-in pitch.) The door has to come out, and go back in, which is a little tricky out there on the pitched decking!

Meanwhile, I made a run to the transfer station, and my weekly visit to the Swap Shop. We LOVE the Swap Shop – it is a marvelous small town institution around here, where people drop off things they don’t want or need, and then it is pretty much free shopping for whoever is interested! You don’t need to bring something to take something, it is just very informal and sometimes you bring, and sometimes you take. There is some really good stuff there, and quite a few items have found their way home with me. 🙂 Especially kitchen items for the apartment. But today was a big day. A guy was literally just dropping off these cabinets and I said, yup, I will take those right now! Nothing wrong with them at all, except they were dirty! It took me two trips, I had help putting them in, but it was a trick getting them out by myself (I slid them out onto a wheelbarrow). Also, look at that mahogany mirror!

So, all in all, a very good day.

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