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Black Sheep Tower House

The Fix Begins

November 3, 2021 The ultimate solution, finally. A bit of good weather, and the guys are on it. The plan is to take the siding off, again, and remove the diamond plate surface of the current deck, essentially disassembling and rebuilding the decking itself, and to waterproof the join of the deck to the house permanently. A major issue is that the siding is vertical cedar tongue and groove, as opposed to overlapping clapboards or shingles which shed the water. Water is easily able to get behind the vertical siding, which is fine if it is allowed to run down the side of the house and exit at the bottom – but when it reaches the deck it stops, and all that runoff has been finding its way into the house in a multitude of ways. The first step is building the staging… Jason welded up some custom corner brackets to support it; they have a good plan and they aren’t burning daylight! (wasting any time, lol)

Setting the planks, interesting trying to get them up the stairs!

Yes, it is like deja vu all over again…. this looks a lot like a year ago when the siding came off the first time, and the right angle metal seam that never worked the first time, or the second time! Next the railing was disassembled and removed – it sure looks different out there. They also stripped siding from around the eastern corner, since that corner is the source of the majority of water leaks.

There goes the aluminum decking! To get it down the stairs, it had to be sawn in half… Look at the view out the door now! You can look right down into the house!

How crazy is this? On the fourth floor landing, looking up at the sky?

All this accomplished by 3 pm. Nice. ūüôā We are excited.

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