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October 31, 2021 The rest of October is definitely a mixed bag…. some great fun and hard work on Porsche events, some progress with the house, and sadly, a return to our old nemesis….

Let’s start with Scarlett – she is a cutie, and going to be a handful, don’t you think?

I drove back to Maryland on 10/9 and immediately got to work prepping for our big Porsche Boardwalk Reunion event in Ocean City, NJ – as registrar, and co-chair with Bob, I had a LOT of paperwork prep and managing to do… while Bob had to attend a work conference in DC – it was just me and Syd to hold the fort. Bob and I drove the 3.5 hours to the Jersey shore on Thursday and it was non-stop work & fun for 4 days!

A perfect fall day – T-shirt weather, with 300+ Porsches on the boards, and an evening of drinks, dinner and dancing at the Flanders Hotel that evening. A great day.

Recovery mode, and cleaning up the chaos for a few days, then back in the Touareg for the drive to NH – again. This time I brought the trailer to store for the winter, and a couple of kayaks too. ūüôā I also brought a couple hundred daffodil, tulip and hyacinth bulbs to plant… why I bought so many I just can’t say! They were fairly easy to plant in some spots, where the ground had already been cultivated. However, my idea of naturalizing daffodils in front of the stonewall hit, well, a stone wall…. actually a whole lot of stones in the ground! In the end, I just dug as many shallow holes as I could with a shovel, wherever I could, and threw them in. Who knows if they’ll come up! After a morning of that, I treated myself to a drive to the beach and a lobster roll – one has to take advantage of these last warm days of the season!!

Yeah. Before the rains came. October 26-27 was a seriously bad time for me. Talk about waterworks – both from the sky, and my eyes, haha. SO depressing. It rained almost 2 inches, and the water came in everywhere, including through the window casements and foundation in the basement. Seriously. Do you see a SALAMANDER? That is somehow INSIDE our house? Buckets upstairs, downstairs and on the stairs. It was a nightmare, with water just running down the walls…. I called Scott, he came and saw the disaster for himself in real time…. something must be done. I had to leave that afternoon to fly back to Maryland, while it was still raining (and leaking), and I was so discouraged…. I just left. Sigh.

Bob and I drove from Maryland to Kalahari Resort in the Poconos, where the 2022 Porsche Parade will be held, to plan the Gimmick Rally. (Yes, October was just a little busy.) The Delaware Water Gap area is quite lovely, and we hiked to Dingman’s Falls – you will notice that we seem to gravitate to endless staircases…. ! And, in keeping with the water theme, at least this water was coming down outside, as opposed to inside! We had a good time planning out the roads and the gimmick challenge, and did our best to enjoy our little “working vacation”.

Bob’s birthday is the night before Halloween, and we found the best brewpub, Barley Creek, where they had seriously Halloweened up the whole place! Loved it! Happy Birthday, Bob!

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