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Finishing Up, For Now…

August 26, 2021 I’ve spent the last few days trying to finish up the gardens and prep for a few upcoming adventures. How could I resist less than half-price astilbes and bleeding hearts? Shade-loving flowers and unique foliage for about $6 per perennial? Just call me a dang fool Yankee, because now that I have my bargains, I have to get out the shovel again! AND, look in the background… another load of dark mulch! Gah!

So I have been rather happy with my gardening progress this summer, thinking I’m pretty cool beans. UNTIL I went to Bedrock Gardens, not far away, right here in Lee! OMG, what a fabulous place. This insanely creative couple has spent over 20 years shaping their 20 acres of land into a stunning compilation of art, landscape architecture, rare and unusual horticulture and gardens, rock cairns and wonderful metal sculptures they have created in their barn workshop. A walk through the pathways leads from one marvel to the next. I could have taken a hundred photos, but I was too busy enjoying the moment. I have joined and will go back many times for inspiration!! (I will have more to say in a future post, for now my inspiration meter is pegged. :-))

Two views of the roadside landscaping project, fully mulched with five mountain laurels in total, which should grow in their natural gnarly way over time. Happy.

The raked, cleaned and mulched area by the “office” windows is thriving – the ferns are happy, myrtle is spreading, and a lone mushroom makes a statement. I’ve never seen Orange Queen “fairy wings” perennials, but they like the shade and are thriving in the rocky soil, if it can even be called soil – after reading about this plant I realize I picked the perfect spot; these plants actually like poor soil and dry conditions! And, in the gravel of the back yard, there are a half a dozen random cherry tomato plants growing in with the weeds!

The summer rains may be making the garden grow, but are doing nothing for the interior of our poor house! Check out this 20 second video of this unrelenting rainstorm soaking the northeast side of the house! Lots of leaks. ARGHHH.

Sydney and I are off to Maryland for a few weeks, and Sophia is on board to tend the plants and take in the mail. Scott will come by during the next rainstorm to bear witness and plan our attack. Things will pick up with the house soon, fingers crossed! Here are some Sydney pictures to make me (us) smile, she is such a good dog!

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