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Back to Nature, or Back in Time…

August 11. 2022 Fresh summer veggies from the local farm stand is SO August in NH. It is just Sydney and me for most of August, and we love our walks in the woods, although she cannot go very far these days. She has days where she is enthusiastic to walk, well actually she is always enthusiastic at the start, but as in this song that I CAN’T remember…. argh, the mind says yes, but the body says no… what IS that song? She gets tired quickly and her hind legs won’t obey, poor Syd. But her spirit is up and her greatest pleasure is sniffing anything and everything!

Interjecting some of my favorite people… in keeping with the rouge theme… Michelle and I enjoying a deck-side libation after kayaking on the Exeter River, my granddaughter Scarlett Rose… and yes, she was actually “made in NJ” lol, and my gorgeous stepdaughter Hannah at a friend’s wedding with her partner Melih. Love them all!

I am using some free time to reacquaint myself with my past life in Durham… taking a few drives back down memory lane…

Look what I found at the Swap Shop (love that place!) at the Transfer Station, a blue sheep (close enough). My old friend George is passing along a good number of tools we might find useful in our house project. Thank you George!! The bag of tools just looked so randomly interesting that it is almost art, and useful art at that!

North Country Region held their annual Make-A-Wish charity Car Show at Stratham Porsche – lots of great cars of all marques, of course I am partial to Spyders – the lovely silver on red beast is owned by my neighbor Gary – turns out he lives about a half mile from us, more who knew? NH, being a small state, seems to have fantastic vanity plates everywhere you turn – Gmund and Vntg911 – so fun.
Shirley, our 1994 widebody 964 was people’s choice for the memorial Harry Dean Robinson award – I was thrilled and honored as Harry was a friend from years past, and he LOVED 964 turbos. Our Shirley is not a turbo but has the same body style with the wide hips, has over 200K miles on her and is midnight blue with copious stone chips….you might not think her to be “concours lovely” but she would have suited Harry to a “T” (for almost-Turbo, lol). It was a great day.

With a whole month on my own and STILL waiting for action with the house, I set my sights on another mini-landscaping project. I am trying to make the old Black Sheep look respectable in the neighborhood! There is a big boulder near the road that could be a landscaping feature, and it used to be a lot more visible, but is now very overgrown. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to make it look good again! Phew, well, let’s see what happens!

Ending with a bit of bad and a lot of good! Yes, it rained and yes, the tower leaked, again. Boo. BUT, look at that sky from the tower! It makes me smile!

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  1. Michelle

    That plate! That Boulder! That baby! That beer! Life is good!

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