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July 20, 2021 The last month has been a whirlwind… with pretty much no 34 Black Sheep content. So you can skip this one if you are only about the house, but if you like babies and Porsches, keep reading! 🙂

Well, here are some orchids too. These live in our east-facing bay window in Maryland, with literally no care except a couple ice cubes each per week. How this happens I don’t know, but everyone thinks I am responsible… so I’ll take the credit. 🙂 When we are gone, our neighbor doles out the ice cubes once per week, and we arrived home to this! Gorgeous. I am dreaming of orchids on the table in the NH house, in the lovely morning sun, just like these. (With luck, these very orchids!)

Dallas is really hot in summer, but it is where our family is, so that is where we are! Scarlett Rose is completely adorable, and already has Grandpa wrapped around her little finger. I was able to hold her for about 2 seconds, before Bob took over completely – he is smitten! “Cars” was her first movie (excellent choice, the fam loved it) and you can see she already has her first Porsche steering wheel (rattle). 🙂

Nap #1, and Nap #27 – there was a lot of “Grampy-Baby” napping going on! After 5 wonderful days, we were SO sad to leave… Scarlett is just the best baby, and her parents Josh and Parker are pretty OK too. 🙂

We arrived home to find our yard had been taken over by chickens. And two rather ugly turkeys. What?? Turns out our neighbors down the hill (the ones with the Carne Corso Italian Mastiff) got some chicks to raise for eggs…. turns out “the kid at the farm” also gave them two turkey chicks by mistake. There are two things that puzzle us – why these foul fowl have decided to move into OUR yard, and more to the point, why Taz, their extremely huge hunting dog, has not already decimated the flock… Mysteries. BUT, you simply must smile at this cute little girl. We get photos daily of her in new cute outfits with matching bows. (Does anyone else think that the bow trend is a little too much? Bob and my Mom think it is over the top, so to speak. I confess to thinking that accessorizing is not always a bad thing.) 🙂

We were off again, to the annual Porsche Parade in French Lick, Indiana. 10 days altogether of great times meeting up with old friends, tons of activities, competition, dinners and lots more. Josh met us there with his orange 914 to match our 914-6, and as a bonus we were close enough and able to visit Aunt Mary Jane and Cousin Marion (Bob’s relatives on his mother’s side). It was the first time in years that Josh had been to Indiana to visit and he made himself useful in the kitchen!

The Gimmick Rally is my event, run with Bob’s excellent assistance, and this year the rally traveled through the countryside ending up at the local Drive-In movie theater, where we arranged to rent and show the classic movie LeMans with Steve McQueen. It was a hit, and for the teaser we were able to show the 1976 classic short movie “Rendezvous” – an insane early morning run through the cobblestoned streets of Paris, with hair-raising almost misses and amazing footage (turn up the sound!)…. if you have 9 minutes to spare, I guarandamntee you it will be the most exciting 9 minutes of your day, maybe even week! Enjoy!! (google the story behind it if you’d like, but be sure to watch until the final moments! )

Rendezvous by Claude Lelouch, 1976.

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