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(Too) Much Mulch

June 6, 2022 I have dug so many holes that I can’t even keep count… and I’m not done yet. Just alternating the shovel for a pitchfork in a change of pace. 🙂 But progress is being made! Michelle shared some hostas with me, sort of bring your shovel and containers and take what you want. They look a little limp now but will perk up when planted, watered and mulched. Yes, mulched.

That is a LOT of mulch. 5 yards. What was I thinking? But it does look good when spread (too bad there is only me to make it so…)

More plants planted, and more mulching needed. It has been quite hot and dry, and the mulch is making a difference in keeping the roots of the new plants moist. To take advantage of the weather, I’ve been going out in the early mornings for about 3 hours every day. Digging, drinking water, planting, mulching, watering… drink some more water, repeat! I’ve been working in sections, deciding where to put groups of plants, then digging up the packed soil in the area, digging planting holes and adding garden soil before actually placing and planting… it is starting to fill in. And the rhody is actually blooming too, I was sure it was a goner last year!

Not to say it is all work and no play. Bob was still away in Maryland, but managed to get the 924 to NJ for not one but 2 Porsche events, and I headed over to the Seacoast Cars and Coffee at the Fox Run Mall. I got there early and was lucky to park next to a charming 1958 Speedster, and its fascinating owner – fun. It is a huge event with all types of classic and unique cars, who knew NH would have such a cool car culture? And where else (beside LA) would you find THREE Deloreans on a sunny Sunday morning? Fun license plate on this one. 🙂

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