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Black Sheep Tower House

Memorial Day

May 30, 2021 Fun times with our friends Sandy and Tony and Michelle are always welcome, especially when Bob is in Maryland and I am in NH! This year Bob and I are missing traveling to our annual big race adventure, the Indy 500, but with Covid it was just not the right thing to do, so I watched it with Michelle and Tony (yummy race-watching food), and Bob watched it with Ron and Linda – and we texted back and forth! Strange times! So excited the Helio Castroneves won, I’ve been a fan girl for years, and he is still just as appealing and entertaining as ever!

Sydney and I visited Sandy for a fabulous seafood dinner the night before, and as usual, Sydney spent the night underfoot, in her fave place…. right in front of the warm stove with all the right aromas!

I’ve been continuing my digging… getting pretty good with a shovel! The rhodedendron I thought was dying now has 5 actual buds, the double spinner will have black-eyed susans surrounding it, a sad lilac root bit the dust, and the mulch showed up! OMG, who is going to shovel 5 yards of mulch! ?

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that the dang tower is leaking again…. sigh. I am not even going to bother with the photos. Double sigh. ūüôā

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