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May 24, 2021 Longtime readers of this blog have lived with our challenges for just over a year now, can you believe it? A whole year would be enough to solve our potty problems, don’t you think? Well, yes and no…. but today we think we have the actual and final solution. Scott, Jason and Todd arrived at 7 AM with the goods. Their goal was to fix our whacked out septic pipes forever and ever. Yay.

Between a house and a septic tank are some PVC pipes. Pretty obvious, huh? Well, if you recall the back yard of a year ago, it was filled with mature trees. The original saltbox house had one pipe leading from the corner of the house straight to the tank. That worked out well. But, when the first garage, then the second garage and the offices were added on, a second waste pipe was added, connecting to the original pipe with a Y joint. It’s location was dictated by the trees and root system at the time…. Here are a few photos from the past.

After excavating the existing pipes from the garage/apartment (gross, sorry guys), Jason and Todd created the new straight line trench bed and packed it down tight.

There is the offending Y joint, and now there will be 2 trenches from the house, joining at the tank. Crushed stone goes into the tamped down bed for stability.

More crushed stone around the new pipe, which is (I think) Schedule 80 industrial grade, no fooling around this time! It is not going anywhere, it will not shift, and it will not be crushed! (But I still might wake up in the night worrying about it…)

The old pipe from the original house is also replaced with the same process, the yard is graded and smoothed… it is now 3 pm in the afternoon (the same afternoon), and just like that, the job is done.

Nothing short of miraculous. When you consider that 3 master carpenters have been digging in the dirt all day to ensure that we can flush guilt-free, we raise our toilet paper to you!! (And now, when you are working here in the months to come, you know you’ll be able to flush with complete confidence too. :-))

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