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May 21, 2021 We were not to be deterred by adversity down below. Today is the ANNIVERSARY of the first day we saw this house; now our house! It was time for a party in the tower, and our wonderful friends Tony and Michelle came to dinner with their eldest daughter Torie, who was home from Philly for a rare visit. We ate sushi and a variety of delights, drank a little wine, and had fabulous time. (Bob fixed the tangled flag.) It was Torie’s first visit to the tower, and she was not afraid to feel the wind in her hair at 87 feet up! Well done!

In other news, Bob had been impressed with the progress I’ve made cleaning the place up, and took on a project of his own – our “office” on the second floor, located above the kitchen. This area did not have a floor other than a few planks thrown down on the aluminum joists, and was littered with scraps of sheetrock, mouse infested old insulation and other trash (the demise of the errant uber-squirrel occurred at this very spot). He cleared it out and laid down the extra plywood sheets around the house, and now we could actually walk on it. Yes. Another project accomplished!



    Is Bob wearing a Chevrolet shirt?

  2. Comment by post author

    Well, yes. You have an eagle eye…. suitable to the circumstances! Every year when we go to the Indy 500, they pass out Corvette shirts for free, so we have a lot of them…. Bob likes to wear them for all the dirty or yucky jobs. And save his Porsche T’s for the good times. Not sure this concept always translates well, but…. it’s Bob.

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