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Black Sheep Tower House

Not Again!

May 17, 2021 It’s been awhile, and…. of course you knew that sooner or later we’d be in the shit again, so to speak. Seriously, someday we will get past the potty humor, I just know it!

When I stepped into the garage bathroom to get a bucket of water from the sink and saw the toilet, I got the that horrible sinking feeling. No way. Not again. I got Bob to come down to look, and he couldn’t believe it either. The scene in the basement was worse, with water all over – it looked like it was coming up from under the concrete to swamp us once and for all….

A phone call to our friend John brought the cavalry to the rescue that afternoon. Not going to comment on the first photo where Bob is intently listening to an explanation of… something. Something that probably isn’t what it looks like! But we got the thumbs up when the clog was cleared. Apparently, the water was backing up into the unused pipe and, we all know what that looks like. Ugh.

Bob and I felt pretty fed up with this hot mess, to be honest, and determined to get this fixed, no matter what. We are NOT going to keep going through this!!

On a good note, I lugged a pail of soapy water up to the tower to clean the windows – something we should have done a long time ago! What a difference, I guess we had gotten used to the grime, but the world looks so much better through clean glass. ūüôā I also cleaned the yucky pull down stairs, and was completely satisfied with the results. Love my squeegee!

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