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The Double Spinner is Finally, Yes, Spinning!

April 11, 2021 Thank goodness for good friends! The ground was thawed and the temps during the day warm enough to pour and set concrete…. so it was time to install the Double Spinner. A 9 foot tall stainless steel and copper wind sculpture by Utah-based artist Lyman Whitaker; it had been patiently waiting in its giant box since February for the chance to emerge and find the wind.

Tony and James came over on a Saturday to help dig the hole and pour the concrete to set the metal ground mount. I had spent easily a week deciding just the perfect place to install it… where it would have a wonderful breeze, and be seen from as many windows as possible, as well as the driveway and road. I set a pike in the ground, examined it from every angle, moved it, looked again, moved it again, and so on. Finally I was satisfied…. and as soon as we began to dig, Tony and James found some very big rocks. Of course they did!

Tony and James are nothing if not determined, and a few bags of concrete mixed in the wheelbarrow later, the ground mount rod was set and leveled. Now to wait 24 hours for the installation, with some slight concern for the overnight temperatures dipping into the 20’s…. but after consulting with our son Josh, a civil engineer who builds bridges and roads – using concrete, he confirmed that it would definitely be set enough for our wind sculpture.

The whole gang showed up for the big reveal on Sunday – Ginny, James and daughter Alicia, and Tony and Michelle. After a somewhat chaotic start, trying to unpack and assemble the sculpture with everyone having their own ideas (including me, of course), the sculpture was erected successfully!

HERE is Michelle reading the directions, while James and Tony completely ignore her and finish setting up the spinner using the “I can figure out what to do by myself” method. ūüôā

HERE is the Double Spinner in action – Love, Love, LOVE It!!!!

Afterwards, we had a celebration party with burgers and dogs (Sydney and Gabby!) Great fun with great friends! Thank you!!!!

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