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Black Sheep Tower House

Six Days Gone

March 30, 2021 Today I arrived back in NH, after a brief but busy stay in Maryland. First and foremost, while in MD I got my first Moderna vaccination! Due to restrictions in place about residency vs property ownership, I was unable to get vaccinated in NH, even though NH was already way ahead of Maryland and opening up groups much faster. Funny story how I got my appointment…. I was already on every list for the state, county and pharmacies in Maryland and spent the first day back on and off the internet searching for an appointment. Friday I attended a Train the Trainers session at Summit Point Raceway on high performance driving instruction using the Lead-Follow strategy (a response to social distancing requirements that were preventing in-car instruction). While there, I chatted with an old friend who was also there for training. While discussing vaccinations, I shared my struggle and she responded, “I can get you an appointment!” Turns out her sister-in-law is an IT whiz and knows her way around this challenge – she is becoming famous for getting people, even strangers, appointments! Well, it worked and I had my first Vax appointment on Sunday at a local pharmacy. Thanks, Annabelle!

Spring happens several weeks earlier in Maryland, and the daffodils and forsythia were blooming. We took a drive one evening and came across this old stone barn under moody, pre-storm skies… check out the old-fashioned lightning rods with wires going from the gables down the outside corners of the building. A restoration had at least been started, with steel posts holding in the walls, and newer looking windows… we are obviously suckers for unique old buildings with stories to tell!

Sydney was fresh from a grooming. Sad to say, she is slowing down a lot (she will be 15 this summer) and having a few senior dog issues. I won’t go into details, but sometimes she has trouble with the stairs, and has accidents in the house…. ūüôĀ Meanwhile, Bob and I talked about the house plans, as we needed to make some decisions when I went back to meet with John, our architect. Here’s the latest version of what to do with the basement…

Back at Black Sheep Tower, I checked the traps and found mouse # 99!! Also, Cathy from next door told me there had been multiple sightings of a bear on our dirt road. Yikes! I might have to curtail my walks in the woods for a bit!

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