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Happy Spring!

March 21, 2021 The sun is shining and the calendar, at least, says it is Spring! I hadn’t driven a Porsche since arriving in NH, and they DO need exercise, so I got up very early with the intention of driving to the beach and back before the road “unfroze”. Checked the trap line (up to 97 mice!!), tire pressures, took off the cover and the battery tender, got my mask and was ready to roll, literally…. One of the big treats here is using a garage door opener from INSIDE the car to open the door, back the car out, and shut the door! Woohoo! (Long story, but I haven’t been able to park in a garage with a door opener (or even a garage at all) in years! The road was crunchy-firm, and by driving slowly down the two-tenths of a mile to the main road, I was able to avoid any mud whatsoever. 🙂

Driving on Route 1A along the seacoast of NH is just a treat (and yes I know, dear readers, those of you who have brought this to my attention, it is technically not a SEAcoast since this is the Atlantic OCEAN, but… that’s what we call it!) Now, Bob was in Maryland and this morning was inspired to drive the 356 Coupe to Annapolis Harbor (on the Severn River from the Chesapeake Bay, leading to the Atlantic Ocean) There was a “Cars and Coffee”, which after almost a year’s pause, was back with record attendance. So, we were both at the ocean (more or less) for the morning, just in different states!

Bob had a great time, seeing old friends and talking Porsches, which was sorely missed after almost exactly a year since the world shut down for COVID. For myself, it was a solitary ride, but the visual beauty, salty breezes, and the rhythmic sounds of the ocean were completely soothing and satisfying. When I sent Bob a text of Shirley at the SEAshore, he was predictably apoplectic that I drove one of our Porsches (even one with 200K miles on original paint with a gazillion stone chips, that desperately needs a paint job) on a dirt road during mud season…. I was able to fire back photos of my successful strategy. Even with a leisurely and scenic drive, I was back before 9:30 AM, when the sun began warming our dirt road… see the evidence… or rather, the lack of. 🙂 🙂 Oh yes, that is an unmelted snowbank in our yard!

For the final treat of the day, Michelle came over for dinner in the tower! Both husbands being gone for work trips, we ordered sushi – and had a feast, with wine, in the lovely warm tower, sitting in the setting sun in my new chairs. Welcome Spring!!

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