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Black Sheep Tower House

Putting The Band Back Together Again…

March 18, 2021 Today, at Scott’s invitation, I drove over to Middle Road in Dover, NH, to see one of his latest projects. Scott is a custom builder, and his key guys are the brothers Jason and Todd, whose father actually got Scott involved in the trade to begin with… The three of them worked on the 34 Sheep Road house as early as 2000 when the big garage was built, and then on the tower house rebuild after the fire in 2004. Still working together, they are a formidable team, and Bob and I are so pleased that they are willing to finish the house they began “back in the day”!

My regret is not taking a photo of these guys when they were hanging out by the outdoor wood furnace at the work site, on a chilly March day – taking the time to talk to me at lunchtime. You will have to imagine for now, and just appreciate their craftsmanship on this project!

The “barn” was a pegged post and beam kit with a custom built cupola and staircase. Check out the very nice all black custom electrical conduit to match the black window trim and very nice lighting/lamps.

Here are the custom stairs that Jason fabricated for the cupola. (Fabricated means envisioned, designed and welded by himself at home, and brought to the worksite!) Does this look like it could be adapted to our tower???? Hell, yeah!

View from the second floor of the barn, from the gorgeous bank of windows…. this is the amazing house that Scott and his guys built for the owners about 5 or 6 years ago… now they are back to do this pretty amazing barn.

The cupola was a custom add-on, with a unique tractor weathervane. It was built on the ground and craned into place, much like how the these guys did the tower on our house! The owner intends to install a chandelier style light in the cupola, can’t wait to see what that looks like at night…. ūüôā

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