Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

The Tower Glows Green

March 17, 2021 Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I drove back to NH alone on the 14th, because we needed to see plans and make decisions about the house, and Bob needed to stay in MD for work, and to receive his 2nd COVID shot. Sydney stayed with Bob, as sadly, she is really slowing down, and a bit unsteady on her legs these days.

I had hoped to buy a lighted window shamrock for the tower, but couldn’t find anything on line that I liked, was in stock, and able to be delivered in time. SO, I ordered some colored LED light strings and decided to make my own…. out of wire coat hangers! It was a little tricky to attach them in a sturdy way, but after wrapping with the lights and adding some fishing line for hanging, it came out ok! The lights were way brighter than I ever imagined. Cathy and her friend walked early in the morning the first day after I put them up, and sent me a photo of a green glow seen all the way down the road! I tried to take a few at dusk, but it is really hard to get just the right light…

I took a few walks in the woods, now that the snow was melting, but boots still required for wet, partially frozen and muddy areas. A few trees were down from the winter storms, but the trails are still visible and passable. The vernal ponds were still frozen. Very cool to see the first signs of spring, the moss on these rocks was a welcome bit of green!

So, here’s something odd, left over from the former owner. This is the path leading away from the house towards the leach field, but definitely far from the house. What is this cable for? Why is it so high (and long)? And where was it intended to go?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, John Tuttle had some ideas about opening up the garage, to allow more room/access for our cars. Prior to this, we had intended to drive the smaller models (356 and 914) through the existing “doorways” into the middle garage. BUT, we could make an enclosure for the entry way and stairwell (see tape on the floor) to separate that from the garage itself, and make the workbench wall go away, and the storage room behind it too, and completely change the space so you can drive right through… although there will be 2 support columns remaining (one with the electric box). Hard to imagine from these photos, but I’ll post plans and renderings when I get them!

The sun has been warm, despite the chilly air temps, and the tower “observation room” with the windows acts like a terrarium on these early spring days. I have been sitting in a folding chair up there in the late afternoons, working on the blog…. it is cozy, warm and when I need fresh air, I just open the door to the deck/porch! Love it. It is my favorite place to be.

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