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Black Sheep Tower House

Spring, Shamrock Shakes and Tasty Kakes

March 13, 2021 Two weeks of Maryland “almost-spring” means getting the cars out and revving up for nice weather to come. But in NH, on March 2nd, the windchill was about 10 below and a big storm felled a tree across Sheep Road! Brrrr. Speaking of cars, coincidentally, our first week back in Maryland our good friend Bob Roche was helping Bob put in and tune the rebuilt carbs for the 914-6, while in New Hampshire Tony and James were using our Black Sheep garage to change the brakes on Tony’s van before he needed to travel for a work trip! (Michelle and their little dog Gabby were hanging out upstairs on the couch under an electric blanket, since it was a bit chilly in the apartment!)

We took advantage of a few nice days to get the cars out on a few back roads and adventures. While getting take-out in from Dan’s Taphouse in Boonsboro, we took a nice shot in front of the Inn BoonsBoro, owned and restored by enormously popular novelist Nora Roberts, who lives in this small Maryland town. On another day, we found a small rail stop in the historic hamlet of Dickerson.

So, what do Spring, Shamrock Shakes and Tasty Kakes have in common? They are all green, of course, and St. Patricks Day IS coming! The lower left photo is from Friday, March 13, 2020 – right as COVID really took hold and changed all our ways of life for so much longer than anyone would ever have imagined. One of our first take-out ventures was going through the McDonald’s drive-through in Mt. Airy, Maryland to get Bob’s favorite minty green Shamrock Shake. This year, we recreated the scene (the title shot) almost a year to the day on Friday, March 12, 2021 – same 1954 Speedster, same McDonalds, same green shake, except that we took a longer drive in the daytime. I channeled my ’50’s Audrey Hepburn scarf and shades look, which is actually extremely practical in that car for people with hair longer than Bob’s! And, here is Bob’s other favorite St. Paddy’s Day treat – GREEN snowballs! You can’t eat just one, haha. (Our daughter-in-law the dietician despairs of Bob’s eating habits…. :-))

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