Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Brief, But Productive

February 27, 2021 Talk about a quick trip! Sunday to Saturday, and we are driving back to Maryland already. While we needed to be in NH for house planning, we also needed to be back on Monday, March 1st for Bob’s first COVID shot. We both had been trying to get vaccinated, and Bob finally got an appointment – my group hasn’t opened up yet – and especially with all the traveling we do between states, this was a high priority for us.

It has been a busy week for us – all told we spent 8 hours over 2 days with John Tuttle working on the house plans, which did not include the many hours Bob and I mulled over the possibilities and walked the house to visualize and measure our ideas! We made a chart for planning, and there are over 45 rooms or spaces in this house that need our attention, whoa! We also took care of a number of other tasks while here, cleaned up our leftover Christmas decorations, and took down the lit tree in the tower (we had a BIG lighted Valentine heart, but missed that holiday in NH this year!). We had some trouble with having our mail held for the previous six weeks, but Than and Cathy are willing to check our box once or twice a week, so that will work out much better!

Unfortunately, it rained again on Wednesday, on top of snow on the roof and porch deck already, and you know what that means! Scott told me that the next time it rained/leaked, he would come over to see it actually happening. We have realized that it is just going to leak, and won’t get fixed until the spring or summer, and that it will be Scott that finally fixes it. We’ve not heard hide nor hair from Bob L, so we are moving forward.

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