Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Storm Clouds…

January 16, 2021 We had taken a Saturday drive to stretch the legs of Sally, our silver 2004 996 Carrera, and found a few winding Maryland back roads we had never traveled before… the car was clean and when Bob saw the rain clouds coming in, he wanted to beat feet home before we got wet. But, there on the far side of a field… sheep! Black sheep! I wanted Bob to stop, and as he did, the sheep started running towards us in a wave. I scrambled to get out the low Recaro race seat, get around the car, unlock my phone and start my camera video as they came at us. All I got was a short wobbly video, but they obligingly stood and stared at us for a few still shots. In case you didn’t already know, sheep are truly strange creatures. I guess we were the big excitement of the day. By the way, we did make it home before it started raining!

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, it was pouring down rain with heavy winds. Our neighbor Than braved the wind and rain to check out the house, because, well, this was the first real test of “the final solution” and we all wanted to know what was happening. Here is a video he took of the conditions inside the tower…. and a few of the photos he sent. To say that Bob was apoplectic is an understatement. We texted photos and video to Munch and Bob L. and waited to hear. At this point it seems spring will not come soon enough!

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