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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2020 Over the hills today, to my mom’s home for Christmas. A three hour drive each way, but so worth it to see her! Masks and distancing notwithstanding, she is thrilled we are visiting, especially since my brother and his family from San Diego will only be able to join us on FaceTime. The days are so short, we will be leaving practically in the dark, and coming home too, and it is raining, of course! We’d love to be driving a Porsche for Christmas, but the weather, the dog, the food and gifts make it just a little impractical!

Packing it all up and ready to go, we took one last look around the house.

NO WAY. Seriously, this CANNOT be happening…

Enough already. We loaded up the dog, got in the car and just drove away. Merry Christmas to us! We had a few hours in the car to readjust our attitude, and by the time we were pulling into my mom’s driveway we had recovered our Christmas cheer. We are truly grateful for our health and family!

Mom has been a foodie since well before it became a thing. She is a retired teacher of Home Economics, at least that’s what they used to call it! She is a fabulous cook, and even at 90, she would rather (in fact she insisted) do the filet mignon herself than go out to dinner for Christmas! It was supremely delicious, and while I was doing the dishes, Mom, Bob and Sydney were sleeping it off, haha, they would call it, “just resting my eyes”. 🙂 🙂

Late in the afternoon, the rain finally stopped, and magically, “Dad’s Rainbow” appeared over the hills. My dad, Raymond C. Beck, passed away in October of 2017. He was so loved, respected and truly, one of the best men you would ever meet. While single rainbows are not uncommon over the hills of Chatham and Austerlitz, and Dad loved them, this very same double rainbow appeared while we gathered at the house after Dad’s funeral. Today, Christmas Day, all three of us strongly felt his spirit with us.

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