Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House


December 17, 2020 Back in Maryland just in time for a snow event, so glad I did the long drive before it started! Today I woke up to glittering ice, but a beautifully sunny winter day, while Bob in NH woke up to the same snow, different state, different day! We had fun texting pics back and forth.

He also updated me on the Munch news… you will see the top of the tower is covered by a black tarp, tools and trailers still here, but obviously there is no work happening today. Here’s the tower in the snow…. The interesting bit of news from yesterday is that Bob asked Munch to look at the leaking vent pipe, and when he stuck his head up in there and felt around the bend of the vent pipe as it joined to the drain pipe, he discovered a hole big enough to stick two fingers into! It seemed filled with dead leaves and yuck, but clearly every time it rained, water from the sky would go down into the pipe and instead of draining away, just drip right out this hole onto our floor! Well, that only took about 3 seconds to discover. Two questions: why is there a hole in this PVC pipe, and why has it taken 3 months to find? I texted Jared the plumber, and he put us on his schedule, but said it would be a week or two before he could do the repair. Guess we’ll just have to wait to get an answer to the first question… but there’s actually no satisfactory explanation for the second.

In Maryland there was a crust of ice on everything and it took a while to liberate the Touareg. So glad that I had brought in a good amount of wood into the garage, and I’m enjoying the wood stove. We really miss it while in NH, the apartment does not have enough radiators for its size and is hard to keep warm. Since I’d been in NH since before Thanksgiving, nothing was decorated for Christmas, so I went out in search of a wreath for our front door. Turns out there is a nationwide shortage of trees and wreaths this year – I got the very last 2 scraggly wreaths at the grocery store, which I had seen earlier, but thought I could do better at Home Depot, ha! Had to go back for them, but the red bow makes all the difference!

On my way down our very steep driveway, I discovered the neighbor’s truck at the bottom, very stuck! We share this part of the driveway and I guess that happened last night and he hiked up the hill to get home. That’s not coming out of there until things warm up for sure! Well, I’m not gonna lie, even though I am here alone without Bob and Sydney, I am happy to be back with my creature comforts. No drama, no chaos, no leaks, no worries. There is lots to do, with holiday gifts to wrap and mail, and cookies to bake… I plan to enjoy it!

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