Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House


December 15, 2020 Munch was back to carry on fixing leaks in the tower, but I was out of here. It was Bob’s turn to deal with “stuff” in NH while I drove home to deal with “stuff” in MD. Hard to say who got the better deal… 🙂 Pretty cool title photo – Bob took this from the 3rd floor looking down on the main floor of the great room. Lots of chaos going on, but most of what you see is left over from the original construction, almost like a time capsule… work ceased when the original owner died in a tragic accident, and everything was abandoned as is. We’ve been cleaning rooms one at a time, but this massive area has defeated our energies thus far.

Munch and his guys put up staging on the deck to rip off and replace siding (god knows, will there be enough? I had painted all that was left!) Great guys, lots of smiles, but do they actually know how far away the ground is on the other side of that flimsy tarp? I think not, or they wouldn’t be climbing on any of that staging! Meanwhile, Randy had delivered a load of “dirt” in the back yard to cover over the exposed septic line (still visible). Remember that mishap? This pile of fill was wet, froze quickly, and sat there for a while…. calls to Randy went to voicemail. But, I was outa there… Bob had it now. 🙂

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