Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Too Depressing for Words

December 13, 2020 Last night when we got home, it was raining hard but we decided to forego a trip with flashlights to the tower, because there is nothing we could do except watch it leak in the dark. So we went to bed, listened to the rain beating down on the roof and worried about it instead. It rained all night and when we checked in the morning, it was worse than before…. ugh, how could that be? The only bright spot was a message that a crew was coming tomorrow to “fix it”. Ok, we’ll see!

The vent pipe was the source of a leak that we had known about, but suddenly it was much worse, and water had leaked down 2 floors from the guest bathroom to the main floor. Bob L had said the pipe surround needed tightening, and did that, but the problem was most definitely not solved! There was a bucket under the leak but somehow the water missed the target, ran across the floor and dripped down the posts, into a pile of junk against the wall. It was dark, dirty and gross.

The hatch at the top of the tower was leaking down the 17 feet to the floor of the hatch room (some did go in the bucket), then down the walls past the observation room and down the stairwell to the guest bedroom floor (some did go in the pan) and down again to the main bedroom level by the catwalk (no bucket). We discovered two new leaks and yeah, it was a discouraging day…. The abstract looking weird title photo? That’s the blue tarp over the porch/deck that’s been flapping around up there for a while now. See the hole in the tarp? Leaking too. Not helpful…

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