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December 12, 2020 Enough already about our cranky pants tower. Today is one of Bob’s favorite days of the year – the Army-Navy Game! He drove from Maryland to NH like a madman to arrive in time… he made it in just over 7 hours which is insane, but he did it by going through NYC instead of Pennsylvania and only stopping once for fuel and a bio break (plus he was probably/definitely speeding). Two things here: the tolls on 95 are ridiculous – it is $54 one way going north (half that going south, which is still too much), and that’s not including fuel! Can you believe that? These days, you could probably fly from Baltimore to Manchester for less. Secondly, good thing it wasn’t me, because the only way I could go over 500 miles with only one stop would require adult diapers!

Bob showed up in a rush, we unloaded the Touareg, set up the dog ramp, loaded up Sydney, and within 15 minutes we were off to Michelle and Tony’s for a Covid style football tailgate (because they have a really big TV and we don’t have one at all). Of course it started raining hard again, but we couldn’t give a care. I brought the hot crab dip and a bottle of wine, and Michelle was making chili and cornbread. Yum. Here is Sydney ignoring us as we were cheering on Army – unless there is food, she is napping! Although it wasn’t the best game ever, we had fun texting our Navy tailgate friends that we wouldn’t be seeing this year, and taunting them just a little…. and we’re definitely not going to complain about an Army win! Hooah.

Three other good things today… Josh and Parker sent us a cute ugly sweater photo, I’m almost finished with all the Christmas cards (phew), and this morning I found the tennis ball in the tree! It looks a bit like a moldy apple or a tree wart after 15 years nailed to a branch, but there it is, right outside the tower window! How did we not see this before?

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