Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

A Walk in the Woods

December 11, 2020 Bob is driving back tomorrow, and it can’t be soon enough – this has been a long and stressful week. This morning I finished painting the cedar tongue and groove siding, and it was left to dry in the basement… let’s hope it is enough! Let’s hope they don’t have to remove anymore!

Syd and I enjoy traipsing the woods on the trails made years ago by the former owner. There are 20+ acres behind our house that used to be part of this property. They now belong to the University of New Hampshire, but as this acreage is essentially landlocked and woodland wetlands, no one is really interested in it besides the dog and me. Years ago it was forested and the old stumps can be seen in with the new growth. The trails, actually old logging roads, are a bit overgrown and it takes some exploring to figure them out, but we are having fun trying. Here’s another shallow vernal pool… in the summer Sydney was sniffing and wandering all over that area, it looked like it might get muddy when it rained, but a whole pond is unexpected! A relaxing afternoon, much needed…

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