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Black Sheep Tower House

A Quiet, Snowy Day

December 6, 2020 Not much excitement today, unless you count shoveling ice and snow off a deck that is 60′ up or so. More on that in a little bit. The wind and snow have blown out, the trees (and tower) are completely ice encrusted and Sydney was excited to be outside (Mom, why are you stopping to take pictures? Let’s go!)

During these storms I keep checking our weather station, mounted on the railing atop the tower, with a monitor safely located in our kitchen. I probably need to read the directions to actually get the most out of it, but it is neat to follow the wind gusts and rain accumulations. At some point I would like to connect to Weather Underground, so that our weather station can join the “grid”. But for the moment, I can look at the wind speed on the monitor, then look out the window at the tops of the trees waving about, and get a pretty good idea. ūüôā (Maybe someday it would be cool to mount a weather cam!)

This morning I checked on our leaks, and they were still there, and a new one too, so I sent some photos to Bob L. After lunch it occurred to me that the 5th floor deck was covered with snow and ice which was probably melting, and maybe that was contributing to the leaks…. so I went up, shovel in hand, to check. Unfortunately, the sun had gone around the corner of the tower, and what was softened before had now turned back to ice! My $6.99 plastic shovel from the grocery store was not the correct tool for the job. Even so, as I was hacking away at the crunchy snow and ice, it occurred to me that if I slipped…. I would slide right between the railings, toboggan 50 feet down the icy roof and be flung off onto the hard ground (including the rocks recently and inconveniently placed below the tower). ACK. I was careful to keep my footing. No need for the neighbors to discover my frozen carcass the next day and call Bob with the bad news, haha!

Yup, still leaking….

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