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Just Another Day in Paradise…

December 5, 2020 Strong rain overnight, with snow coming in according to the forecast. Bob left early with the goal of beating the snow, but just south of the NH border he actually drove into it as the storm was coming north. An hour or two of hairy driving and he was out of the snowy mess south of Hartford. The snow arrived in Lee around noonish, just after I went to check our leaky tower. Sad, so sad. Here are the pictures and the video, showing my pathetic attempts at catching the many leaks.

While Bob L had hoped to use this rain/snow storm to test out his fix for the seam between the porch and the house, it was impossible to tell what was actually leaking since the exterior walls had been left covered in plastic but not actually watertight. So the experiment clearly did not work as planned. It was now leaking on both sides of the doorway. 🙁

Sydney and I were alone for the week, it was cold and windy afternoon, granted the snow was beautiful, but it was hard not to think about the damp tower…. Sydney (still slightly moping about having to leave Sandy’s Dog Spa with the huge, toasty fireplace hearth) managed to make do on her heated pad (120 degrees, not bad). I occupied myself by starting a long overdue project. When we closed on the house, we had brought up some extra furniture from our Maryland house, and enough things to make us comfortable in a very basic way, because, back in July (remember the hot, sunny July days?), our stated goal was to have the house “buttoned up” and the apartment “re-habbed” by the holidays. By Thanksgiving specifically, so our daughter could come visit! Well, as you may have noticed, neither of those things came true. (insert eye-roll) So, more to today’s point, we didn’t put up curtains, pictures on the walls, or otherwise make it homey because we thought we would wait ’till it was “ready”.

I had finally gone Amazon shopping and ordered some sort of trendy industrial style rods to match the house theme, and insulating curtains. I’d rather shop in person of course, but reasoned that at less than $50 per window total, if they didn’t turn out well, it wasn’t the end of the world (that would be in the tower…. sigh). Here you can see my progress, random tools, rickety ladder and all. Our only electric drill here at the house was from my father-in-law’s old toolbox, probably back in the 60’s – it used a chuck key, did not have reverse, and horrors, was corded, with a short one at that. My next present to myself would be a lovely DeWalt cordless drill!

Success in the end, yay! The curtains were all wrinkled from packaging, but guess what else we didn’t have at the apartment? An iron! 🙂

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