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Black Sheep Tower House

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

November 29, 2020 Time for an old fashioned “Sunday Drive”. Bob works very intensely during the week at his job, which frequently bleeds into the evenings, and what with random excitement happening here at the house, we really haven’t gotten out much to visit favorite old haunts and make new discoveries. We also haven’t driven “Lanu” since he arrived…. the weather was dry and crisp, but not too cold, so we decided to be like other people who relax on the weekend. Ha!

First, off to a take-out brunch/lunch of awesome burgers at the VERY popular Hop n’ Grind in Durham, where we ate outside, sitting in the thin sun (not very warming, sadly). Bob had a Beast Burger which looks and tastes much like its name, and I went for the Morning Burger, which was yummy with bacon and fried egg – maybe not very healthy, but a real treat!

Next, we took off westward towards Barrington and Strafford, with only one stop actually in mind and the rest just driving around exploring new roads. We still have some favorite decorations bought years ago at the Christmas Dove, including an intricately painted Polar Express nesting doll. We dropped in to window shop and get into the holiday season…. then drove off to explore some winding roads, antique stores in Northwood and also discovered this very cool welded steel mailbox topped by a yellow dragonfly. Love dragonflies, they are everywhere in the summer! We had a relaxing day, and acquired this whimsical holiday centerpiece from a local florist. Wonderful day, and a nice break – we needed it!

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