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Full Beaver Moon

November 28, 2020 Figures a lot would happen on a full moon, well almost, since the full moon is actually tomorrow. The November full moon is historically called the Beaver Moon due to beaver (and trapper) activity as the beavers prepare to enter their lodges for the winter. It doesn’t connect very well to our story, except maybe that we are also getting ready for a long winter, live in a leaky, water-logged home, and run a trapline, haha … but hey, the moon was spectacular tonight!

The delivery guys arrived this morning to hook up the washer dryer, again. And once again, they left without accomplishing this mission. Nice guys and all, but not very willing to problem solve… this time it was the plug for the dryer. They stated it did not fit into the receptacle that was recently installed by the electrician. Are you kidding me? AND, since they couldn’t plug it in, they were not going to hook up the dryer vent either! I was trying not to have a heart attack here, but my bullshit meter was pegged, and Bob was none too happy either. Of course this whole mess was in a corner, and hard to get to and look at, but the plug and receptacle seemed perfectly matched to me! I admit I was discouraged, but as they drove away I also got mad. So I went downstairs to the garage and got a rubber mallet. Bob was on calls now, and working and I’ll tell you, when he heard me smacking the shit out of that plug, he hustled right over! Haha, the damn plug went right in there, smooth as anything. Morons.

Next I had to wrestle with the stupid dryer hose and clamps, and I can tell you with confidence that I am not cut out for working with appliance installation of any sort. The correct parts were present, but did not want to join together in harmony. In the end, I used the German method and forced it to fit (turns out I had the elbow upside down) but I was going to use my new laundry appliances today, or die trying. (spoiler alert, I lived for another day)

After the excitement of the morning, and some successful loads of laundry (no leaking or thumping, yay), Bob and I also put up the other tree in the apartment window, setting it on a stool we found in the lab – soon to be artist studio. Then we had to get out of the house and do something outside. The days are so short now, but today the weather cooperated so we could get in a bike ride, probably one of the last of the season!

The evening sky was just beautiful today and when we got back, the light on the tower was just spectacular. Truly, the golden hour. I kept taking photos, trying to get it just right as the light kept changing…. the light on the trees in the background, and the reflection in the windows…. and by the time I got up in the tower, it was just a little too late. But luckily, we will have days and years of beautiful skies to come.

The moon was up and the clouds scudding across the sky with a brisk wind when Bob took Sydney out for her after dinner walk. He came right in and said I had to go out with my phone for some photos – so glad I did! We are so lucky to live here.


  1. Michelle

    Lovely light on the tower!!

    • Comment by post author

      The setting sun comes over the tree tops to just highlight the top of the tower, and it is always so striking. Evening and early morning light is so interesting.

      The stars and moon are beautiful here, especially because there are not many competing lights from “civilization”, even though we are close to many conveniences!

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