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Celebrating With Parker & Josh!

November 27, 2020 Today, we celebrated Covid-style by attending our first wedding by Zoom! Our son Josh and his fiancé Parker married today in Plano, Texas in a very, very, very small ceremony at the home of Parker’s parents. It was terribly disappointing that we couldn’t attend in person, but we completely understand the complex issues for different family members traveling and quarantining in these Covid times – it is much more important to be safe! The good news is that while yes, this is their wedding day, Josh and Parker are planning a BIG DEAL wedding for family and friends once it is safe for everyone to travel and attend, probably in early 2022. We are so excited for them and although it is extremely weird to dress up and sit in front of a laptop to watch your son get married to his sweetheart, at least we could interact and be part of their special day over the internet – what strange times we live in….! Congratulations to Parker and Josh!!!

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