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I’m Too Old to Be Doing Laundry at My Mom’s…

November 25, 2020 Yesterday, work was being done to prepare for the long awaited new washer and dryer… a long saga that started in mid-October when the units were ordered. Making them fit, fixing the water lines and the venting, it was all turning into a hot mess. It was all supposed to be done in time for a new delivery date before Thanksgiving, but NO. I actually told the woman on the phone from the delivery service that I couldn’t believe I was taking our laundry to my mother’s house on Thanksgiving Day!! SO discouraged. What do these pictures tell you? 1. Overall this is the aforementioned hot mess, 2. There is MOLD everywhere (Bob, get the bleach), 3. Why is there a round hole in the middle of the wall to the next room, and 4. Do you see anything wrong with the picture of the faucet knobs? (Like, how will we turn the water on?) Sigh. I asked my friend Michelle, who lives like this? She reminded me that they did once too, while renovating an old house, but they were in their 20’s at the time, when nothing seemed impossible. That was a long time ago, my friend! 🙂 🙂

Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! My mother has been waiting for a visit from family forever, and she is very excited! We are driving the 3 hours to Chatham, NY to have a masked and as distanced as possible Thanksgiving dinner with Mom and then driving home that evening. My job is the pies… I am the baker in the family. Our daughter Hannah is in Baltimore cooking her first Friendsgiving and asked for recipes and instructions! 🙂 Two favorites are pecan (pe-CAHN, not PEE-can, which is something you put under your bed, according to my mother, haha) and lemon meringue, loved in the past by all our parents and now us too. Baking today was weird…. in a different kitchen without all my usual tools and supplies, but still soothing and the smells were wonderful. I think Bob likes my baking as much for the smells as the tastes!


  1. Michelle

    Those pies look delish!!!

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