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Inspiration Strikes the Tower

November 23, 2020 It is not even Thanksgiving yet, but it seems like everyone can’t wait to see festive holiday decorations, maybe to cheer us all up, or maybe we just can’t wait for this year to be over! We had been talking about how cool it would be to put lights in the tower for Christmas, and Bob had a genius idea while in Maryland…. we had been given 2 small fake trees by our daughter Hannah (no room to store them), and he put the boxes in the back of the SUV for the ride to NH. Since we didn’t have Sydney, we had room to bring bigger “stuff”. We had an idea that one of the 4′ tall slender trees would be perfect for the tower – actually Bob wanted to put it outside on the “porch” but it fit beautifully in one of the windows and would be more protected and secure inside. We were very excited to see it lit up, especially as dusk fell, although it was hard to get good photos!

While we were congratulating ourselves on the festive outside appearance of the tower, inside, hidden from the passersby, the troubles continued. The leaking continued with every rain. While we had seen the water stains from years past, knowing something is not the same as seeing it happen before your very eyes. Despite the repair of the lightning gash in the top backside of the tower, water was still dripping down under the ladder from the hatch. And dripping from the vent pipe into the guest bathroom, and down along the posts by the tower stairs. Ugh. Fixed, not fixed… again. Here we are checking it out after dark with flashlights, because we apparently like to torture ourselves, and we couldn’t wait until morning to learn the bad news…

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  1. Michelle

    I was looking at photos from the original real estate listing and comparing them to the photos here in this post. Night and day. The yard, the paint, the skylights, the tower. The house looks so much better now, it’s a show stopper already.

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