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Black Sheep Tower House

Prepping, Painting and Window Cleaning Continue

November 9, 2020 A goal for the winter is to have all the painting complete that is visible from the road and front of the house, even if some of the back can’t be finished until spring. The south-facing gable end of the garage had sustained a lot of sun damage over time, and Bob L needed to finish up the siding replacement asap so the final coat of paint could be applied. Adam arrived and took care of it, although in the end, we will probably need to re-side the whole face at some point. BUT, looking good for now! The featured photo is from the next rainy day, but shows the final coat, which looks great!

Meanwhile, I was using my 12 foot mop/squeegee on a ladder to do the outside windows, front back and all around, as much as I could reach. Not perfect, but it made things look more cheerful and like someone cared. 🙂 No photos of this effort because I was alone, and I was the one struggling with a heavy, sopping wet mop thing (and flip for squeegee) on a really tall, wobbly pole while standing dangerously on a step ladder in the mud, so I didn’t really have a free hand to document the experience…. which is probably just as well! Another photo here shows the lights that are finally in the bathroom, woot woot! The standard switch plate and face plate are just an eensy bit too small for the gap, meaning actually the original hole was made too large to begin with, sigh. I will head out to Aubuchon Hardware in the morning to get bigger ones, so we can say the bathroom is finally finished! (Well, after I put up the mirror and hardware…)

Our friend Sandy lives on a small farm just a few miles away, and has been so kind to us since we’ve started this crazy adventure. She has been in on it since the beginning and heard all of our stories and struggles… I just love to go to her house and feel at peace. There is nothing there that is unfinished, chaotic or stressful…. Stopping by tonight, I found that not only was Sandy using to best advantage our golden period of weather, her resident flock of turkeys was out and about too. As charming as they appear, all nature-like and folksy, wild turkey are LOUD, fairly stupid, and frequently obnoxious birds. Almost every time we stay over at Sandy’s, we are all awake at 5am listening to the turkeys make the most god-awful noises, strutting around like they own the place. Haha, they kind of do. 🙂

BUT, Thanksgiving is coming…. muahaha!

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