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Black Sheep Tower House

The Sun is Still Shining

November 8, 2020 Yesterday was a Saturday, but it was so nice out that Donna from Caprioli showed up for the morning to take advantage of painting time, and she did an entire face of the tower in just a few hours on the lift. We are very grateful that as much as possible is getting done this year.

Today, Bob must go back to Maryland for on site meetings, although we are fortunate that so much of his work can be done virtually. The Manchester airport is only 45 minutes away, max, and is so easy to navigate. You can literally be dropped off at the entrance, through security and at your gate in 5 minutes. I was on my own for a week, and I made the most of it! Working. Ha, hardly any fun to be had! Mostly cleaning windows… ūüôĀ

When I returned to the house, Randy had showed up to do a few things previously promised: he added fill and graded the front yard of the house, he removed some white pine saplings and graded a section of the hillside, cleaned up some random brush and tidied up, before loading his backhoe on the trailer and heading out. He had dumped a load of wood chips by the septic tank for winter protection, and oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he showed up last week (in the dark!) to move some logs he had left that were preventing the lift from getting close enough to the house… they are now gone too. It is nice to see the property being cleaned up after all the months of chaos, though we know there is a lot more disruption to come. The last item for Randy to check was the septic line in the back, where I was concerned that the big lift had driven over it and potentially crushed the line that Randy had previously broken and fixed once before when doing the excavation. We looked at it, and although it was close to the surface, it checked out just fine. Phew.

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