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Black Sheep Tower House

The Big Lift Arrives!

November 4, 2020 Although it was thought that Caprioli’s 65′ lift could do the job, it turns out that the measurement from the ground to the top of the tower in the back of the house is 87′ tall. Seriously. The lift guy measured with a laser measuring device (so cool, I have to get one myself) so we can assume that very large number is correct. The big lift arrived on a low loader, 110′ feet of it, unloaded on our little dirt road and made quite an entrance. Here’s a Big Lift Link. It is huge! The sun was shining, the temps were rising and the painters were having at it with bleaching and power washing the tower. Those are not clouds in the sky, but the spray from the cleaning!

Finally, serious painting work on the tower has begun, but the rest of the house has been getting a lot of attention too. The change in the the “Shed Garage” has been dramatic. Due to manufacturing delays, we had to wait a long time for the overhead garage door to come in, but it really improved both the appearance and the functionality of that space. The former double doors were rotting in their sills and had to be replaced, and we are pleased with our choices! Here are some photos that show the transformation.

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