Bob & Ellen's Excellent Adventure

Black Sheep Tower House

Body Count: 50

November 1, 2020 I had been at the house since early September, right after my birthday, and now it was my turn to go home to Maryland to take care of house things there while Bob stayed with Sydney in NH. A break was needed, so I was ready. The one disappointment in the timing was that I’d be gone for Bob’s birthday.

Bob’s birthday is October 30th, and remember when I told him that it’s been known for kids to wear parkas over their Halloween costumes? Here is a short video he took on the morning of his birthday. There is no sound on the video (I hope) because Bob’s comments about his birthday surprise are not G rated… ūüôā Oh yeah, hope no one is offended by the title photo, but Bob just had to send me the “V for Victory” 50th mouse, caught almost exactly 4 months since we closed on the house. The reflective road sign, Sheep Crossing (with BLACK SHEEP!), is a gift from our daughter Hannah – we’ll have to get it out on a tree along Sheep Road soon. Apparently Bob was having plenty of fun without me, running his trap lines in the cold….

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, I was enjoying some mild autumn weather in Maryland. Even though I had only been back just a few weeks in total since July 1st, the plants on the deck had grown wild – they look pretty good for November! My neighbor took a hose to them if it didn’t rain in a week, but she hardly had to as it was a wet summer in Maryland, as opposed to the hot dry dust of NH blowing across our black sheep driveway…. I enjoyed sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and a book, by myself, no chaos, no dead mice, no leaking tower…. it was awesome.

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